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Full Version: 2015 topps
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who has variations this year does anyone know? trying to input my 15 topps and im not seeing any variations

I saw this earlier. Don't know if it is a completed list or not.
awesome thank you do you know were the code is to speak of on these cards?
901 and 903 I believe are the sparkle and other variations.
right but were is the # located at
I just looked one up on Ebay. Here is the link:

It appears the code is to the right of the topps website info. His auction shows a picture of the back of the regular Martin Prado card as well as the SP version right over it so you can see the difference.

Hope that helps man.
The code is the last thing it says on the bottom back of the card.
awesome thank you all for the responses. got 0 sps.
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