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Let me know what you need. I am just trying to back into the groove so open to a lot right now. The Musial and Kershaw are going to be tough to get. I have more available in my org. Thanks

[Image: topps19583002_zpsc97746b6.jpg]

[Image: topps19583003_zpsc7fac345.jpg]

[Image: topps19583004_zps067cadb3.jpg]

[Image: topps19583005_zps76aa0524.jpg]
Open offer sent.
Check me for the Kershaw. Org is open. Thanks
Please see if you like anything for the McCutchen
Rizzo and Machado are gone. There are a few offers for the McCutchen and Kershaw. I am surprised there is no Musial love.
PM sent
super bowl bump
Anything on the kershaw?
(02-01-2015 07:28 PM)snappyjoe75 Wrote: [ -> ]Anything on the kershaw?

Did not forget about you Joe. Just waiting on outstanding offers.
Like the museum mccutchen and Kaline autos,cmb
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