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Figured since I scanned these few in for a trade I might as well post them. I am still looking for 2014 high tek base and auto set needs and PC Griffey / Ripken but will trade for anything that catches my eye.

[Image: IMG_0359_zpsdd7fa7c3.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0358_zps94595c4a.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0357_zps899d0e67.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0356_zps17e97130.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0355_zps66c5979e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0354_zpsbb6d1182.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0353_zpsa18a193c.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0352_zpsafbf5a53.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0351_zpsffa3eff3.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0350_zps439572cd.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0349_zpsd09f511a.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0348_zps14e7125b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0346_zps8a027edf.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0345_zps6a17fa0e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0344_zps2cf994e2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0343_zps07a1ef8b.jpg]
Extremely interested in bumgarner, I have a $50 ripken relic in PC i could pull in a deal
Any need for Abreu TEK auto?
That book is killer
That Phillies booklet is awesome!! Carlton doesn't get enough love, he was nasty on the mound. He was also nasty to reporters so that could have something to do with his popularity.
What is the Mauer numbered to? I pulled the /25 version one of us try to put them together.
The Mauer is numbered to /5. Feel free to send an offer, I believe a rainbow would only need the /1
Offer sent
Nice stuff!
That Banks and Ricera auto are awesome. Thanks for posting some great looking cards. Let me know for the Rivera.
feel free to check for the Rivera thanks
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