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First off, die hard Tennessee Vols collector (college uniform mainly)....I was featured in Beckett a few years back as a supercollector. Love reading the threads on the board and thought I would give it a shot. Some of the collections on here are great to look at and I love the college stuff...makes me go and search to be sure I have all my Vols from that set.

I am in search of cards that elude me....any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. 1999 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems /50 #228 - Peerless Price
2. 2002 Donruss Elite Status /2 #174 - John Henderson
3. 2010 Prestige Xtra Points (Purple, Green & Black) #239 - Eric Berry
4. 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Debut (Blue & Gold 150) #168 - Kevin Burnett
5. 2000 Playoff Prestige Spectrum (Red & Green) #276 - Tee Martin
6. 1989 Tennessee College Game Day Program (#6, 12, 15, 17, 28, 34) -
Andy Kelly, Eric Still, John Fisher, Sterling Henton, Terence Cleveland & Smokey
7. 1999 Sage Autographs Platinum /50 #A48 - Al Wilson
8. 2010 Press Pass Auto (Bronze & Silver - RED INK) /10 - Montario Hardesty
9. 2003 Sage First Card #FC21 - Jason Witten
10. Kelley Washington First Card #FC20 - Kelley Washington

Also searching for any of these I don't have
John Henderson 1/1's, promos/samples and a 2005 Topps Total Black
1999-2009 Donruss Elite Status, Aspirations and Gold cards
2000-2001 Quantum Leaf Infinity (Red, Purple and Green) - a few are on COMC, but they are super pricey
Casey Clausen - 2004 Sage & Press Pass Jersey cards
Kelley Washington - 2003 Sage Autograph & Jersey cards

thanks for any help
I'll keep an eye open
I have a Dante Stallworth Rc Auto ft If interested he is in Vols uni. It's Donruss Classics Auto /33 bv $100.
(01-27-2015 10:00 PM)Alpine5858alpine Wrote: [ -> ]I have a Dante Stallworth Rc Auto ft If interested he is in Vols uni. It's Donruss Classics Auto /33 bv $100.

I would be very interested in that, can you let me know by message how much you are looking for in sale value.
anyone seen any of these?
up thanks guys
LOL book value a Dante Stallworth at $100. When was that book value recorded? The day he got drafted and never updated. Just another example of how ridiculous BV to market value. BV says $100 but the market says $5.
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