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2011 Allen & ginter

code cards needed..(4 to go)..47,59,170,314
Code cards to trade (about 100)

n43 need…ap (pujols)

minis needed
Mini 7,88,125,250
Mini a&g back 10,100,125,260,275,340,
Mini black 7,10,57,100,250,275,316
Any face flocculence
Any fortunes for the taking

glossy to trade (113/999)
various team sets Astros,braves,cardinals,
d-backs,bluejays,mariners,marlins,national s,
pacquiao (boxer) bv$40
various sports stars
varions non sport figures
non baseball stars singles
ags 1-10 to trade (set of 10 only) bv$90

cabinet to trade 2(phils),5(jeter,arod)

relics to trade lalanne(sp),longoria,swisher,

auto to trade figgins,hudson

Some minis to trade
Mini #129 Kelly Johnson
Mini #157 Corey Hart
Mini #264 Adam Jones
Mini #271 Chris Young
Mini #341 Ricky Nolasco

Mini A and G Back #7 Mickey Mantle
Mini A and G Back #36 Eric Sogard
Mini A and G Back #42 Heath Bell
Mini A and G Back #97 Zach Britton
Mini A and G Back #98 Jason Bay
Mini A and G Back #138 Matt Garza
Mini A and G Back #146 John Danks
Mini A and G Back #179 Shane Victorino
Mini A and G Back #183 Mike Napoli
Mini A and G Back #247 Yadier Molina
Mini A and G Back #284 Eric Jackson
Mini A and G Back #79 Aimee Mullins
Mini A and G Back #164 Heather Mitts
Mini A and G Back #232 Picabo Street
Mini A and G Back #272 Wee Man

Mini Animals in Peril #AP19 Tasmanian Devil

Portraits of Penultimacy #PP1 A.Meucci
Portraits of Penultimacy #PP4 Igor
Portraits of Penultimacy #PP5 The Hare
Portraits of Penultimacy #PP6 Tonto
Portraits of Penultimacy #PP7 Antonio Salieri

Step Right Up #SRU6 The Human Blockhead
Step Right Up #SRU7 Snake Charming
Step Right Up #SRU8 The Strongman

Uninvited Guests #UG4 The Villisca Axe Murder House
Uninvited Guests #UG5 The Amityville Haunting
Uninvited Guests #UG10 The Lizzie Borden House

World's Most Mysterious Figures #WMF1 Rasputin
World's Most Mysterious Figures #WMF5 D.B. Cooper
World's Most Mysterious Figures #WMF6 The Count of St. Germain
Most Mysterious Figures #WMF8 Nostradamus

also have a&g complete sets 2006,2007,2008,
2010, and 2012, to trade for other complete
sets (earlier heritage would be nice)

tks for checking
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