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Mainly looking for a nice Jeter in return.
[Image: BBA4CF67-AE35-4532-8FF9-C713C59887A7_zpsczkojosb.jpg]
[Image: 6E3953F5-A2F2-4FC2-968B-7B24DA0AD9E5_zpsyerlqvvx.jpg]
[Image: 91DA3289-3FD3-42E8-BDF8-BD3246820ADE_zps0eweivop.jpg]
No Robinson fans?
check me
(01-24-2015 02:47 PM)natejeffries Wrote: [ -> ]check me

Trade for that rolen Jeter lol
We would love to add the Brooks to our collection. What kind of Jeter are you looking for?
Nothing super fancy. But nice gu or something low #d
I would like a chance at this card. Please check me.
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