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Just pulled these.
Missing all foil on their fronts
[Image: AA8C981E-6DC7-4D1A-A169-EE0426CF7D48_zpshktskpkg.jpg]
[Image: E589518C-4C30-47DD-B67D-7552CC6FAEAD_zps0yrnff9z.jpg]
[Image: B4D74E4C-B49B-4D64-B7A5-7AD4F5163EBA_zps8yvaa5bn.jpg]
[Image: E3688F21-17C9-4731-950A-0D0AEAD293FE_zpstqj1e5sb.jpg]
I'd love to add the Edmonds to my PC just because it is an oddity. Please pm me and let me know what you would need for it. I would be fine with even doing a pwe if that works for you.

Of all cards to be missing the foil from, those are awesome. Looks great with the full border pics!
They do look pretty good lol. I was honking that last night when I took the pics lol
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