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Sorry to all who have tried to contact me or trade with me over the last couple of weeks. My wife left for emergency leave for a family death and I was playing Mr. Mom at home with the 4 kids plus my school work so Beckett wasn't really on my radar. My wife is back home now and I am back to work so I have some time to peruse some trades. Let 'em fly! coming............................
trade sent
Feel free to check me!
Hey Greg, welcome back. Hope all is well bud.
(01-22-2015 05:47 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Greg, welcome back. Hope all is well bud.

Thank you. Things are going good now that my wife is back and things are getting back to normal. I still have my eye on those Honus Wagners lol.
I'm always game bro
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