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Looking to trade/sell these 3 T206 cards. Nothing too extravagant, but would still be some nice additions to a collection. In trade, I'm looking for T205 Boston National League Players (except for Mattern and Shean, have those)...and the only T206 item I'd be looking for is a Bill Dahlen Boston Nat'l.

Not really looking to trade for modern unless it's a hell of a deal Smile I try to trade modern for modern and vintage for vintage, especially in the case of pre-war cards.

Prices listed include shipping. All items are in my organize.

Roger Bresnahan (w/ Bat) - $40
[Image: HlHLB3v.jpg?1][Image: vwhkdSk.jpg?1]

Bobby Byrne - $22.50
[Image: u3ta6le.jpg?1][Image: m31HTvs.jpg?1]

Nick Maddox - $22.50
[Image: 0zibto3.jpg?1][Image: bLhP9iG.jpg?1]

Let me know if you're interested Smile
dang i have those 3 maybe next time

Love those T-206's
What do you collect?
I think I could throw something together you may want for those.
PM sent.
Prices reduced!
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