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Full Version: Making offers on Ebay
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Should buyers be allowed to set their own time frame for the offer?

When I make an offer, I really don't like having potential funds tied up for 48 hours.

I know a buyer can retract an offer but I would rather be able set a short time limit....12 to 24 hours.
Seeing as you can already retract the offer after a short time frame, then no. The timeline needs to be set somewhere, and I guess eBay thought that 48 hours was good enough. If you want to retract, then that should be on you, and it is your due diligence to see that you are aware of your offers.


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Well, thing is, not everybody can necessarily reply within 24 hours. Sometimes things happen (sent out of town for work, internet lines at home accidentally cut by someone fixing a water line, death in the family), and giving them 48 hours allows them a bit more time to be able to get to the computer to check offers. When I make an offer to someone, I already have the money set aside, whether I get that card, or go after another one, I'm already going to have that money tied up. I send an offer, then forget about it until it expires, they decline, or they accept. Until one of those happens, I just assume that they are going to accept (for monetary purposes). Is it really that hard to be patient for 2 days?
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