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I recently changed my collecting strategy and I am looking for Chrome Auto's of established players.. Along with these scans I would prefer to trade most of my none BC stuff... Though some of my random BC auto's are available as well...

 photo 66c18be2-496b-4bc5-a30d-bddf85b05648_zpsd703396f.jpg

 photo bb22b5fd-cf22-4807-a798-7d464cdddc49_zps6de05cac.jpg

 photo 4273eefe-3e33-4999-96a2-fbcf0c3c3dc7_zps3fd92291.jpg

 photo ac53b2ad-8d7c-4d85-b9ed-f5816e412e3d_zps5a7c929e.jpg

 photo aa96bc7b-afd8-48bb-aa25-6cc060ae634f_zps1479104e.jpg

 photo 05EF7643-7999-4FA2-A8F5-35718A87EBF0_zpsibrft0tu.jpg

 photo 597eed15-0e52-4aea-a0af-81b508550ccd_zpsfe7a2cba.jpg

 photo 51240b31-6c8e-43d6-b6ba-0130d446cbe3_zps72febb0c.jpg

 photo 51182EAA-4246-4EC2-8426-06ACEA118962_zps48t05rc0.jpg

 photo C1105EB5-6CBC-44DD-9C68-EAD67E683B84_zps2fjfhseg.jpg

 photo 1FA99E18-3BB8-49B9-A546-1D43CE84F5A8_zps2krw58yx.jpg

 photo CAC50761-85EB-467B-A8BC-26DFB3262F5F_zps7ykqegam.jpg

 photo fa20898d-14e5-4033-a2d1-26da53774177_zps8fb7a360.jpg

 photo 397E4ECC-7B3A-4999-B656-782EC62B1D8A_zpst5vw9696.jpg

 photo 9dabf775-3b5e-47eb-a4d8-7295ec19af4a_zps1299f86a.jpg

 photo 85C7D791-2828-4BED-8C80-0FC399488660_zpsirgszuq8.jpg
I like the myers
Not sure I understand what you're looking for or if I would have it, but if you wouldn't mind taking a look through my stuff for the Machado's I'd be grateful. Thanks!
Like a shot at the Harvey. Feel free to check me for that. Add more if u like. Thanks.
Any idea what you would want for the Stroman auto?
You can check me for the profar
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