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Full Version: Couple more adds
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Was able to pick up a few more things for rainbows Smile

first, 14 Chrome Nelson black plate:

second, 14 Finest Nelson Pulsar auto:

(base auto on it's way)

So, that makes these two rainbows more complete Smile

Also got this over the weekend as well:

Along with main Nelson Finest auto, the auction I got also has a Davante Adams refractor patch auto from Finest. And of course, in a couple days I'll have the Five Star break hit that I'll scan and get a good picture of Smile
Geez are killing it lately! Smile
(01-20-2015 10:42 AM)savagenate Wrote: [ -> ]Geez are killing it lately! Smile

And spending way too much on it LOL Thankfully those didn't come out of my normal budget and weren't put on credit cards. All thanks to another hobby that's expensive and I was able to sell off Smile LOL
That's the way to go!
Holy crap man congrats!
Couple? Geez!!
Congrats!! So sweet!
That looks amazing all scanned together like that. Nice job on putting it all together.
Sweet adds!
Love seeing all the Finest together! Nicely done sir.
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