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First off like to give a huge shoutout to James once again. Man the Fisk and Jenkins are some sick cards bro. This is more than i could of ever asked for! Thank you so much!!!

Here is my week so far... All cards are loaded

[Image: imagejpg7_zpsa4924105.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg6_zps6aaf7bb9.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg2_zps7ebeabde.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg3_zps4aa36bf2.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg1_zpse3b981db.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg3_zps5862885b.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg4_zps3e520373.jpg]
#d 13/62

[Image: imagejpg5_zpseffbddcb.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg5_zpsc6ce4bf6.jpg]

[Image: imagejpg1_zps0d84e237.jpg]
I love the look of those Topps black parallels! Some nice stuff man
Sick stuff man! Love the Five Star Abreu!
Love that abreu. Good stuff
We're you interested in anything for the offer I sent?
Nice cards! When are you going to get some Yelich in buddy?
to the top
if you want to check me for anything, go ahead. have plenty. thanks
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