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Can someone please help me find this card?
somebody has to have this card.
Did you try the registry?
(01-19-2015 09:15 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]Did you try the registry?
I've looked everywhere.
I assume you're just talking about the base??
I'm sure one will pop up on COMC once the product has been out a bit longer. It's unlikely to sell for more than a couple of bucks, so I imagine someone will submit one with the 2-8 week processing time.
(01-19-2015 10:28 PM)wordsense Wrote: [ -> ]I assume you're just talking about the base??
Yes I am looking for the base
Those base cards are brutal. You get ONE per Bowman Sterling Box, I would not be surprised to see someday huge values on those cards. And Clint, If I had pulled Oscar from my box, I would have included it with the SC Auto
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