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Very humble collection so far, but it's sure to grow! I super collected Demetrius Williams back in 06, Emmanuel Sanders in 2010, and a few other players but ended up selling all my stuff as time went by. Thankfully I sold my entire Demetrius collection to guy, basically piece by piece on eBay before we all realized that Demetrius wasn't going anywhere with the ravens lol I'm a lifelong ducks fan, and De'Anthony is my favorite Duck of all time, so it was just bound to happen that I'd pick back up with him!!

I've bought a few redemptions of him so far also, SP Authentic Auto Patch, Valor Auto Patch (which Topps sent live just the other day, suppose to have it tomorrow) and a few others. Can't resist the rock bottom prices of some real solid cards even though I'll end up waiting forever (at least from Panini I will, Topps coming through as usual though, punched in my redemption and the card was being shipped two weeks later) it's always exciting because you never know what kind of patch you'll get , etc


ALWAYS INTERESTED IN ANY DE'ANTHONY STUFF I DON'T HAVE! Everything in my photobucket that doesn't involve De'Anthony Thomas if absolutely for trade. Always willing to buy too

This is my latest pickup, and my favorite by far of the bunch so far:

[Image: DeAnthonySPxAutoPatch_zps3e89f0f4.jpg]

[Image: CertifiedFreshmanFabricAutoPatch_zpsbd87a329.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0218_zpsbc932f61.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0216_zps3c984796.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0221_zpsd8c3ad9a.jpg]

[Image: DeAnthonyRookies_zpsa5618976.jpg]
nice start for the new PC Smile
Nice beginning!
Nice start Chris
I just picked up the tools chrome camp the other day. You need it? If so I will add it to my org.
Good night!!! That UD Premier is ridiculous!
Very nice! That UD Premier is sick!!!
it finally came in my topps base rookie variation autograph i collect miami dolphins cards let me know if you need this card
Thanks guys its all appreciated! That SPx was a must have for me, there will be lots more to come. Scooped up more redemptions at low prices so now I gotta play the waiting game for those. My first one came in, in no time which was the Valor Speed Auto Patch. Just grabbed these the other day. I'm real big on the flair showcase stuff, reminds me of the stuff I started with when I was a little kid. Prices are nice on it too, feel like it hasn't went over well with other people. Been looking everywhere for the Showcase Auto Jersey & Auto Patches. If anyone reading this has either one I'll give ya double BV in a trade for it!

[Image: DeAnthonyValorAutoPatch_zps2a896815-1.jpg]

[Image: DeAnthonyCOntenders_zpsbf953f33_1.jpg]

[Image: DeAnthonyFLairAuto_zps9eb61178_1.jpg]
Picked this gem up last night , so pumped to get this!

[Image: deanthonybooklet_zpsf3323733_1.jpg]
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