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I am looking to trade the cards shown below. I have returned to the hobby after taking some time off, but am now going in a different direction. I am now collecting on-card autos of hall of famers. Anyways, I thought I'd see what I can get for these.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: img001.jpg]
The Gehrig/Ripken isn't in your org. Hit rad1205 up for a trade. This stuff is right in his wheelhouse. Nice cards by the way. If I didn't think he wanted them, I'd make you an offer.
Thanks for the heads up. The Gehrig/Ripken has now been added to my org.
Offer sent. Thanks.
Hey, if Rad_1205 isn't interested and passes I would be more than happy to make an offer on the Eddie Mathews, Joe Tinker, and Johnny Evers. Let me know.

Thank you,
I'm very interested in any of them
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