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Full Version: Want free cards ?
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OK in the process of getting rid of all my baseball, don't have a ton but some semi decent stuff plus its free. Would like to give it all away to like 2 or 3 guys or gals that would truly appreciate some freebies. If you want them post here. Again all free no gimmicks and shipped for free. Will ship this weekend!
I'm always up for more cards
Would love some! Thank you so much!
Ill take some. Thanks
I'm interested in them too
Love freebies. Feel free to send some to me. Thanks.
I'd take any red sox you happen to have thanks
Generous of you. I'd appreciate a card or two!
I for sure need to build up my collection/ what I've got lol
I run a show at our synagogue twice a year and this show, we're giving away cards to everyone who comes to our door and pays our suggested donation. You can see the show in my signature and we can provide you a tax receipt sheet for your records.

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