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I am a hockey collector but open to any interesting baseball return too of Roy Halladay or any HOF player.

[Image: photo_zps381025ca.jpg]
I am interested. Please send over an offer. Thanks!
Bump for Sunday.
Any certain hofers you looking for?
I am looking for a BGS 9.5 grade. I have a ungraded one.
Check out my $50 autographed hockey card and more for your 9.5 jeter!
interested Smile
I have this one
yes its a 1/1

I dont usually do high end trades like these
You normally collect hockey, would you be interested in this 'on card' auto?
[Image: 81a76536cf920af8ca828dbe2da35b49_zps3eb6ad4f.jpg]
Thanks for the interest but a deal has been struck.
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