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Hey Gents, Happy New Year!

I have this card!! It was recently given to me by my dad who is a huge USC fan. I didn't even know he had it, or where he obtained it.

I'd like to get information on market value. Best way to sell. Etc.

Find a time machine and travel back to 2006 when that card was worth some serious money. It's still a really nice card and one of if not the best cards to own of Leinart. However nowadays it's going to go for much much less, as he didn't really pan out in the NFL. I would advice against a strict auction, as you would need to make sure you got the right people to see it before the auction ended. Listing on eBay with a high buy it now and best offer option will probably be your best bet. Just be patient with the listing and don't feel pressured to accept an offer lower than you want. There will be at least one person out there that will need that card for their collection, and they will be willing to the most for it. My gut tells me that the card will end up selling for around $100, which is a shame cause at one point this card would've sold for closer to $1,000. I hope you dad pulled the card and didn't pay big money for it.
beautiful card- i maybe interested if the price is right. PM me!
....or keep it since your dad gave it to you?
Most likely your dad will buy it back...I agree with ugameck, you should Keep it!
This post gives voice and form to all our gravest fears...

" Hi! My (insert relationship here) just gifted me their lifetime achievement and greatest passion, their sportscards collection! How can I sell this? "

That's a haunting! lol!!
Man that is such a beautiful card. I remember back in 06 I followed all the SP Authentic 1/1s on ebay, by the time I stopped keeping up, almost every single one had been pulled. Those were, are, and always will be one of the most beautiful sets ever made in my opinion!
(01-07-2015 01:32 PM)djohn Wrote: [ -> ]Find a time machine and travel back to...
[Image: la-sp-matt-leinart-commercial-20140818_zpsa0b36663.jpg]
Sorry, I just could not help myself.
OP sold it on 1/17 for $325 (nets about $280 after fees and shipping).
Im sure his dad is thrilled.....
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