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I am pulling one from a dear friend and trader on here…after multiple successful trades, I thought I would give it a try with my own little twist. Below you will find THE SET OF THE WEEK that I am looking to trade. I am offering this for trade for YOUR non wanted Auto and Game Used Cards.

Here's how it goes. The set has a number next to it in the post. The number next to the set is how many Game Used and Autographs that I am looking to get for the card. The only rules are as follows:

1) All cards must be in mint condition. No damaged cards!

2) I will accept FOOTBALL and BASEBALL cards and they can be from any year from 2007 to current. NO MINOR LEAGUE OR USA cards in Baseball.

I will accept press pass, aspire, bazooka, leaf draft or sage for football but I will count those as 1/2 card. Every 2 cards equals 1 asking price. All autographs must be certified!!!
NO in person autographs!

3) You do not need to send me a list of what exact cards you are sending but just a breakdown of how many football, and baseball cards you have available and what you want.

4) Besides that let's have fun and get some trades done!

 photo Baseball_91ScoreCooperstown_zps4ff7fe70.jpg
Ok. No problem.
I went back through the list and revised the requirements. Again, doesn't matter who or what the book value of the GU/AU you send just so long as they meet the requirements above. Send me the junk! Open to hearing offers for specific sets as well.
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Maybe I am missing something, as I didn't think that the 1991 Score Cooperstown set was that desirable, but you appear to be looking for 5 game used/autos in exchange for a set that books for about the same as a single common game used card. I have seen a similar trade offer before done on another forum, and typically the offer is to get some nicer cards in exchange for unwanted game used and autos.
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