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Here's a look at what I've been busy with the past coupe of months. Big thanks to Hofcollector and Rad1205!! I can't believe where my collection is considering I just started roughly 1.5 years ago....enjoy.

[Image: F7CE271C-5A79-4188-BCD1-E07CD9308437_zpsig7dql23.jpg]

[Image: 8B2519E9-A4DF-460E-A359-9385AF07CA70_zps0lpikluw.jpg]

[Image: 153A3B9E-0F2B-4F6E-A3DC-019F60B58877_zps9vxhm7wb.jpg]

[Image: F3E0EF78-9491-4A67-887C-8BD0544A98C9_zpsuawobyty.jpg]

[Image: 3CE49CBE-C312-4C6B-B35E-7D6A6F430DD4_zpslou46vji.jpg]

And finally some of my main player...Mike Trout

[Image: D978FFD2-AF8E-4FA0-9318-C6F85A46C643_zpsoamhnooe.jpg]

[Image: 30B92EB0-462B-417F-B4DE-FAA9AD7C7386_zpszwkbmnog.jpg]
Only trading these towards higher end Trout auto...

As you can see I've picked up some nice stuff lately. Mostly PC but I wouldn't say no to a fantastic offer. Thanks for looking and happy trading!
Beautiful stuff Gregg. Whats that Harper at the top?
Greg everytime I look at your collection I'm blow away a little more than the time before. I wouldn't mind adding 90 percent of these cards to my collection lol. All I can do is thank you getting back into collecting over the last couple years. Between you and Dan you guys have put fun back into for me and helped take my collection to the next level.
The '12 sterling refractors are awesome... Even better when they are a trout!
(01-02-2015 02:43 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]Beautiful stuff Gregg. Whats that Harper at the top?

I have you to thank for most of these beauties! The Harper is a 2011 Bowman Chrome retail exclusive silver. They're nice looking cards. There are red, gold and silver versions.

(01-02-2015 04:24 PM)petillo64 Wrote: [ -> ]The '12 sterling refractors are awesome... Even better when they are a trout!

I agree. They are simple and clean. I was blown away when it showed up in the mail. Absolute beauty.
Sterling for trade?
(01-02-2015 05:18 PM)rad_1205 Wrote: [ -> ]Sterling for trade?

You know it. I'd consider moving it for the right offer.
i would like a shot at that bc mike trout rc if u are trading it
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