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Looking to move these for mid to high end
 photo <br />
<br />
1962 topps<br />
<br />
<a href= photo 20141125_203139_zps90ewwbkv.jpg

 photo 20141125_203231_zpstgcikdwv.jpg

Eddie butler 1/1 plate auto

 photo 20141222_190526_zpsxqgum3oq.jpg
 photo 20141222_190435_zpsaxqhofe2.jpg

Abreu /184, stills and puig /25, j up and lawrie /36, Gallardo /27
 photo 20141222_190502_zpsstbum9zt.jpg

Goldy /75, heyward /50, casty /50, johnson /150
 photo 20141125_203203_zps8ier6jiv.jpg
 photo 20141223_161224_zpsriqpl9uf.jpg
 photo 20141223_161232_zpskqfbrrbh.jpg

 photo 20141228_213552_zpslwu2vrjd.jpg

Purple auto /40 and mckinnin auto

 photo 20141227_212848_zpsraysek1s.jpg
The Cabrera auto is sweet!
Nice Heyward.... Give me a look maybe I got something for you.
(12-22-2014 08:17 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Heyward.... Give me a look maybe I got something for you.

Offer sent
What do you want for the Cabrera?
Got a few offers, anyone else interested?
Check me for the goldy please, thanks
(12-23-2014 06:26 PM)ryanmo5 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the goldy please, thanks

Didn't really see anything I need
Goldy and heyward gone
Yeah check me. Koufax and abreu auto. Maybe more. Thanks.
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