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Have made two huge trades along with a few smaller ones in the past few days, and while I keenly await my new arrivals, I'm looking to keep the momentum going. Here's a small selection of stuff I have currently FT, there's lots more in my org, so fire me an offer or let me know what you like and I'll have a look. Cheers!

[Image: 01yount.jpg]
[Image: 05martinez-1.jpg]
[Image: 07carew.jpg]
[Image: 08davis.jpg]
[Image: 07mantle.jpg]
[Image: 09wright.jpg]
[Image: 09usa.jpg]
[Image: 09machado.jpg]
[Image: 11selkirk.jpg]
[Image: 11castro.jpg]
[Image: 11hosmer-1.jpg]
[Image: 12wynn.jpg]
[Image: 12moustakas.jpg]
[Image: 12mesoraco.jpg]
[Image: 13singleton.jpg]
[Image: 13martinez.jpg]
[Image: 13sandoval.jpg]
[Image: 13gray2.jpg]
[Image: 13gardner.jpg]
[Image: 14howard.jpg]
Nice stuff!! I would be interested in the Singleton, I will shoot you a offer in a bit.
I'd be interested in buying the Early Wynn. PM me if you want to sell it. Thanks!
offer sent. didnt see the Mantle though. lmk. thanks
Nice stuff as always bub.
I like the Gardner and Hosmer
I'd love to get the pedro and carew from you. Nice stuff!
Love that Machado USA auto. Give me a look. Thanks.
Like the Carew,early Wynn,pedro,homer and young
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