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Needing to finish off some vintage sets. I have like cards to trade. For example, I have plenty of Hostess from 1975-1978 to trade for the Hostess cards and Kellogg's (as well as a few Kellogg's also), Also have quite a bit of the Famous Feats and Wildest Days to trade as well.
My org is not up to date so don't look to that for what is available. If you have some needs for those years, let me know, I'll search for them and then post what what I have in org to trade.

Ex or better on all desired, willing to take Vg though except for the Kellogg's where I am seeking upgrades to non-cracked cards.
Hostess 1978- 24,31,32,33,35,150
Hostess 1979- 26,48,73,77,97,98,99,101,102,104,114,122,123,124,134,135,136,137,138,141,144,145​,150, 38b (Carew)
1972 Famous Feats - 3,10,13
1973 Wildest Days - 22
1975- NEED Upgrades to non-cracked ExNm or better- 1,4,7,19,23,26,29,32,35,36,38,43,49,55,57
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