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Why would this guy ruin a leonardo molina green auto
the dumb$## tried to sell the card before, without the "voodoo"

" I'll start with the 2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph refractor of Leonardo Molina. I pulled this card from a jumbo pack about a month ago. It's supposed to be autographed, but it's not. You can clearly see it reads on the front Topps certified autograph issue, but there is no autograph. I called Topps and a rep told me to send the card back and they would send me some packs. I think this is a pretty good error card of this 16 year old phenom for the New York Yankees. With Jeter retiring this kid maybe his replacement. This card has huge upswing considering it's numbered to 75 and it's also a green refractor"
thats pretty funny
he also ruined the michael taylor
i asked him about the card....

his reply :

Lol, ur silly. I'll take it down and make an auction ull love, crybaby..boohoo!!!

not sure which of his old listings is worst..if you havent seen them , check out the obviously fake shoeless joe auto , the "washed" mike trout t-shirt auto , and the lamest of all the stupid letter he claims was sent from justin beiber to selena gomez.....beyond sad....

just seeing his reply to me i was already thinking , "damn , man , what are you , 12 ??"....

after seeing those 3 items , i think i gave him too much credit
What's more sad, this guy, or the fact people have bid on these things.....
That is the strangest group of auctions I've ever seen. I thought the Canseco finger/'87 topps was weird...
so does this guy have a way to get the autos off of the cards? Seems odd he would have 2 that were unsigned
(12-01-2014 03:34 PM)uc7bearcat Wrote: [ -> ]so does this guy have a way to get the autos off of the cards? Seems odd he would have 2 that were unsigned

the autos are fairly easy to wipe off that kind of surface
i think the molina was actually an error card with no auto that he just wrote on and i think the taylor may have just been sticker which he pulled off
Did someone buy the joe Jackson. He was illiterate and could not write. So I can't believe someone would pay for it. Lol.
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