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Dropping the price to try to get some of these moved ASAP!!!!!

300 card lot $10 shipped
3,000 card lot $50 shipped (less than $0.02/card) COME ON PEOPLE!!!

Looking to downsize some of my collection. I have roughly 15,000 cards I want to move as quickly and easily as possible. Not worried about making too much from these either, as most are not premium cards or star players. Most of these are what I have left over from my childhood collecting days in the late '80s-mid '90s with some newer cards mixed in. So I'll make it easy for anyone interested in team lots of bulk cards. I will sell by the amount I can fit into a USPS flat rate box and ship for the actual shipping cost. So a small box will hold roughly 300 cards and a medium around 3000. Prices are $7.50 for a small and $50 for a medium. Shipping is $5.95 and $12.65 respectively for each. So, bottom line...

300 cards $13.45 shipped. NOW $10 shipped
3000 cards $62.65 shipped. NOW $50 shipped

If interested, reply with your team and post it up. Thanks for reading and lets get some deals going!!!
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