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Whats going on with the "Calculate current value"? Is it not working or something?

when you go to use the "Calculate current value" for the "Total Beckett Value:" or use it for the "Total Collection Value:" it totally screwed up and not giving the correct calculation.

I mean come on people. its a simple calculator. how hard is it to maintain it.

The current condition of it is totally useless, so why even have it.

options are:
1) FIX IT - i hope this is done.
2) Get rid of it.
3) Give a discount to those who pay and can no longer use a function that they were paying for when they started paying.

if you can not provide the service that a customer paid for, then you should reimburse them for their inconvenience.

And yes. The calculation tools is one of the services i liked when i got my account & now it is useless. Which means my level of service from Beckett has become a lower standard then when i first started paying. So why am i still paying for the same level of service when it has clearly lowered & has been like this for some time.

A very Ticked Off
And Disappointed User
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