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Offering up this 2011 Topps Tier One Autograph 23/99 for trade. Will only trade for an equal value Cardinals autograph or I'd sell for $100 dlvd.

[Image: IMG_20141106_0002_zpsccf5e5b6.jpg]
PM sent.
damn that's nice!! check me. have plenty of cards items available. thanks
Would you do 50/50 trade and cash?
Not 100% sure I have what you'd be looking for but please check me
check me if it's still available.
I will get in line feel free to browse my org thanks
Have PayPal ready, just pm me if you want to go that way.
Hey bud, give me a look if you still have it. Thanks!
Beautiful card, man! Wish we had a nice Cards auto for it!
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