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As most of everyone knows I just started a HOF relic project, so far I have knocked out some pretty big names. Currently trying to get my hands on a Mickey Mantle relic. I'm not looking for anything extremely rare unless that's all I can get my hands on. I know it's easy to go on the bay and just purchase one, but like to trade for one if at all possible. I have a ton loaded in my org and depending on what you want in return I will trade in your favor if it gets the deal done.

Not interested in

The 2007 Topps Mickey mantle relic that was inserted in all factory set

I'm trying to make this collection as unique as possible

Thanks Richard
I dont know if you want to kill 3 birds with one stone, but I did just get that triple threads Ruth, Mantle, Maris "The Chase" relic at the show...
Ive got a Triple Threads Dimaggio/Mantle/Arod if your interested. The mantle piece is jersey (maybe pant) the others are bat. Let me know I can check your org if your interested.
Sent u a pm on the Maris mantle. It's a 1/27.
Replies and messages sent to everyone. Thanks guys for the potential help
I have a topps 2006 1952 design mickey mantle jersey card
Is that the card they put into every factor Topps set for that year, so if you buy the set you automatically get a jersey piece of mantle? I believe what Topps did with that set destroyed the mantles across the board. Any ways still unique I maybe interested in it depending on what you want or if I can't aquire anything else.
If you have a picture I would love to see it
Pm sent
Thanks to all that have replied... To the top
I have a couple you may be interested in:
[Image: 2008BowmanSterlingMickeyMantleGUJersey_zps2534c592.jpg]

2008 Bowman Sterling BS-MM (Lines are from the printer)

[Image: IMG_20140925_0003_zpse8dea553.jpg]

2014 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge #17/25 Wil Myers CEA-WM
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