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I am a very active member on Blowout Cards. Have 100% feedback there.
Came here to give this site a try.
I have a photobucket link on my profile so you can see all of my cards.
I uploaded most of them to organize, but if I missed one you want just message me and I will add it!

Here are some of what I have:

[Image: imagejpg1_zpsc384be6f.jpg][Image: imagejpg3_zpsd472dfba.jpg][Image: imagejpg1_zpsfe7dce41.jpg][Image: BEEE2FCF-916F-4DBB-B943-DA5F4EB09841_zpsdlldf2n5.jpg][Image: ReeseMcGuireBGS95PURPLERefAuto3-10_zpsc470a10e.jpg][Image: F15A027A-D967-4658-98F1-7109E39BF122_zpso8a29vji.jpg]
Interested in the Frazier and Scully if you can find anything. Cheers.
slick Mcgwire!! like a shot at that. feel free to look. and welcome!!
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Welcome, trade coming.........
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