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Just a little Monday Bump here...looking for $650 + in trade value, but will entertain all offers. I apologize to the ones who sent previous offers that I didn't follow up with. I have been trying to determine a fair market value and it seems to be $640ish Sell Price...PM me for details. Looking for 1 for 1 trade, but will check any offer and WILL respond to all offers. Thanks!!!

[Image: 557ed088-9c4f-4bbd-ac68-3dee71a89a74_zps9e07eeb0.jpg]

[Image: 1a516a38-47df-439f-93c9-127105ea9c14_zps3f77093f.jpg]

[Image: 8c7aa40c-8331-4b16-9b5a-dbb2db9fbbb1_zps7e7757c0.jpg]

[Image: e7602187-2375-4cfc-a01f-778e5da77364_zpsf3d6ca66.jpg]
offer sent but not for that card
I think I was looking at that on eBay last night.
Awesome card!! Wish I had something to trade for it.
I may be interested, $650 may be a little high.
it was on ebay last didnt sell due to reserve price. Really I just wanted to get a feel of what the market looks like for it.
i have some good high value cards if u wanna check me. lmk. thanks
Shocked it was bid up to $634. eBay it $1000 or best offer and take the $$$$$
I think you should have let it sell at $634. If you have a BV of $650 on it you could have sold it and picked up more stuff with the cash than with a trade. The /36 of that card usually goes for $225 and the /27 usually goes for $250ish so $634 would have been a hell of a win for you. Just my 2 cents.
Man, I wish I had something for that.
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