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Looking for a trout auto or a high end Dallas Cowboys auto. But will listen to any offer.

Also just pulled a Justin Upton elite die cut auto 4/10. Feel free to make offers.

[Image: image_zps2afbc752.jpg][/URL]
Sweet card! Good luck with whatever you get for it!

Hey, sorry for leaving our trade sit. Had another one come up and was waiting to see how it was gonna go. Sorry I didn't message ya!
Bumpity bump
Beautiful card.
Hey I have a darvish auto I would trade toward that. Thanks
(10-29-2014 08:10 PM)once78 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey I have a darvish auto I would trade toward that. Thanks

I'll check it out
Weekend Bump
Wow!!! Let me pick my chin up off of the floor.... Amazing, I wish I had something for that. Beautiful card, hope you get something real nice for it.
nice looking wood!!! lol!! great stuff man!! if u want to give me a look, go ahead. dont know if i have what u are asking. thanks
Just wondering where we were on our trade talks just have not heard from you in sometime. THanks
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