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First of all i would like to give a huge THANK YOU to 2 traders.hofcollector and once78.these 2 traders are awesome to deal with i had great pleasure in making trades with both,i would not hesitate to ship to them first on any trade.they are very trustworthy and its whats this site needs right now.the first set is a trade i made with hofcollector and the 2nd is from once78 parts of 2 seperate trades.all of these are going into pc except the redemption which is already spoken for.THANKS again guys enjoy the viewing

[Image: mantle_zps744755a6.jpg]

[Image: mays_zpscbff74b2.jpg]
Pleasure to work with you James. Im looking forward to trading with you again.
I too feel that it was great trading with you. Hope you enjoy. Thanks again.
Wow those are great I really like the Aaron
Big fan of the Hank as well!
Great stuff. You must have given up something special for those.
Man love the Griffey, great pickups!
Nice stuff J!
(10-21-2014 09:05 PM)greekgoony Wrote: [ -> ]Great stuff. You must have given up something special for those.

yes indeed i did i traded

2012 bowman chrome yu darvish purple refractor auto rc /10
2011 bowman chrome bryce harper refractor auto /500
2012 triple threads hank aaron auto /25

well worth i think
All I can say is DUDE!!!!
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