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The calculator is not working properly in organize. Here are 2 pics to explain how.

for example, for the 1992-93 Pinnacle Eric Lindros set, is listed as 30 cards @ $17.75 as seen in pic below

if you look at the next 2 pics, you will see that i have the complete set & after i used the calculator, the Beckett value says:

Total Beckett Value:$3.25
(As of 10-20-2014 20:35:01)

and the collection vale says:

Total Collection Value:$4.06
(As of 10-20-2014 20:35:02)

If you add all the cards in the Beckett High column they actually come to $17.75 as shown in 1st pic. & $22.31 in the Total Collection Value column.

What is going on with the prices & why is a company that is supposed to be the authority on prices have this happening on there site?

I mean, i pay good money for my OPG & Organize. Why does this happen?

Trying to stay polite
This has not worked properly since they "fixed" it months ago.
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