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I was trying to add some cards to my org, but when I type in a player's name nothing comes up? Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried different names and different cards, but always pops up with no results?
yep, it's down. you know, the part of the website we actually pay for. no excuses, beckett: dont fix this cquickly, partial refunds will be due, or extensions
I just did a quick search for 1999 Contenders Edgerrin (I am using the "old version" of the site, maybe that's the problem?)

Why, after being down all day last Sat., without so much as an apology (that I've seen), would they roll out a new version of the site this week?! FIX THE PROBLEMS YOU ALREADY HAVE, BECKETT, STOP ADDING NEW GARBAGE! I know variations are popular these days, but why the hell do we need to version of the site?!
I just checked and it is working fine now. I'm sure it was probably an issue earlier but should be fixed now.
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