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I just got off the phone with Mr. Clement. I tracked him down through other sites. I was contacted yesterday with an ebay listing of his. So I left him a message on the site expressing the urgency of the situation. Low and behold I got a message at 4 a.m. this morning. I called back and spoke to him. He would like us to believe that he in fact sent out our orders but we all must have never received them. Also, none of our end ever showed up to him. He decided to quit the beckett site abruptly despite all of the open trades because he thought all trades would be received. Despite the trades being one month old or better, he did not find it odd that he sent out his end of every deal and that did not receive anything from all of us. He could not answer why he would not check in on the site or why he decided to leave while being such an active trader. He told me that all of his deals prior went smoothly. I asked him why he would make several thousand dollars in deals and quit the site. No answer. I told him he wanted to make one big score and leave the site, which he denied. He said he never stole anything. When I pressured him to admit what he'd done he would pause for a while or stutter continuously. He said even though he sent out all invoices and got nothing in return, he wanted to make things right. I told him to ship us our ends (which he never had), or send us back our cards. He said he could not. I told him it was because he had either traded or sold parts of our deals, correct? He paused then replied again that he had never got them. I kept asking how it was possible that all of our cards were lost shipping to him and how all of his cards got lost shipping to us and how he never contacted us in regards to his end? He couldn't answer. I asked him how this day and age, with all of the technology available, was he going to deny receiving all his mail. I said eventually he couldn't. He said he knew. He again said he wasnt a theif and I said he wasnt a good liar either. I told him he had been checking in on another computer to see what was going on on the site. He didnt deny it. I asked him why when I contacted him yesterday on ebay he pulled all of his listings and changed his profile name (now swelter2095). No explanation. When you change it again Matthew, yes your reading this, I will know it. Im having you banned from any site I can come across. Like I said on the phone, send us our end or cards back and we'll chalk this up to a mail mishap. If not, your in a bit of trouble. I asked you on the phone if you were a minor. You wouldn't answer. Regardless, Lisa Coady of your local constable just sent me an email. Like I said they would. The problem with stealing online is you never know who your screwing with. Some of us have connections.
This is great and all, but if you're proceeding with criminal charges against him DO NOT make contact!!! Let the authorities deal with this bum.
I have no dog in this fight, but I applaud you! It's about time someone followed through on a trader like this, instead of just "banning" he/she from the site.

Make an example out of him, post it on all the boards.

He just contacted me. If anyone would like, he asked if I would send him a list of whats owed and addresses. He agreed to ship back to everyone express mail tomorrow.
And a personel thanks from me as well for going through and using your resources to make this guy pay. I'm hoping this will serve as a warning to otherd in the future. With that said, I hope we can see more positive stories in the fourms like we did last night with Jacoby.
If anyone needs my cell # for anything, pm me. Some of you already have it.
Im glad somebody has followed through on this he sent a offer my way one night seemed very shady and once the failed deals of other collectors with him popped up spoils everything there are tons of great collectors on here
Be careful he already showed hes a liar and a thief, (those 2 are usually best friends anyways)
It could be buying time to pack up shop and move. One way to be certain is when he moves and all the paper work in in order look up his name in the computer it will show any place he has lived. Even his parents house Oh yes get his mom and dad involved and show them how much of a low life scumbag he is. That is if they are still alive. More than 1 way to skin a cat.
I think he's a kid. He's contacted me about 10 times in the last half hour, texting and calling. He said he will ship tomorrow. I found out where he works also, so he does not want to stall.
Good work man, folks can't get away with that kind of s**t. Please keep us posted.
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