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Great to hear. Nice job by Hofcollector to stay on top of him!
Thank you, much appreciated.
Nice to hear some good news for once around here. Thats what you get when you don't just chalk it up as a loss. Good job, guys. I hope this trader isn't allowed back on here like some others in the past were after similar actions.
Matt, I will forever be in debt to you without your help I would of been out a couple hundred dollars worth of cards. Thank you so much.

I recieved my cards back today 3 of the 4 cards I traded were correct. Traded him a purple refractor kris bryant and in return I got a purple border base bowman card of bryant, but don't really care. The fact I got the cards back I couldn't be happier. Thanks again matt I owe you one.
I will contact him to see if he still has that Bryant right now. Your welcome by the way.
Don't waste your time the most important card in the trade was the sliding ssp rookie of yasiel PUIG that was the only card I was worried about
I don't want to pay Canada shipping to get this other one back to him either
I think you can keep it. Call it a tax.
Hey, he's calling right now. He wants to know if it were numbered or just chrome? He said he had two and must have grabbed the wrong one. Wouldn't that only leave one option now?
Lmao a tax that was my laugh of the day.
I too am glad to hear that you folks are getting your cards back. I despise shady traders.
good job
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