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Well, I said I would speak up if I got uneasy. So here goes. I'm hoping my things got caught up in customs. Unfortunately my items shipped the same day as his and mine have been in Canada for two weeks. I had constant contact with him right up until the time I think he got his cards. Now, I cant get in contact with him. He hasn't logged on since I think he got his cards. The 25th. I could write this off to extenuating circumstances, however, I was just talking to another trader on this site who said he was waiting for a high end Trout. That was what my deal was for. He said he wasnt hopeful because the trader had just burnt 3 others. That's when this name came up. I sent out 1/1 auto/relics, low #'d auto's and low #'d relics. I even sent out a few extra low #'d auto and relics as a thank you for my first deal. So matthew clement, I hope this is just a huge misunderstanding. I work for myself and I deserve a vacation. There's a state of the art ferry not too far from my house. I believe its called the super kat. Boston to nova scotia.
I always was wary of that guy.
I'm hoping everything goes fine with trade and it just slow mail.
This is very unfortunate to hear about. I hope it all works out and it's not a scam. Crossing my fingers for those of you dealing with this right now.
I would be more optimistic if it wasnt for that conversation I had this morning. I had not given his name when the other trader told me about his misfortunes. He said he wasnt optimistic because he had talked to three other traders that had been ripped off by him recently. He even found him trying to sell the cards he was promised on ebay after the deal was done. When I asked if he happened to be from Canada, he said yes and that his name was matthew clement. So while I'm hoping my first trade here wasnt a screwing to the tune of $500-$600, I'm doubtful. On the positive side, I have had trades go extremely well with several guys here.
ne12bc12, chgolf82, and rad_1205 thanks for being good, honest traders. I hope to do business with you all again.
Man sucks to hear this. He kinda had me wary when he showed up showing off a crazy "streak" he said he had on some insane cards. Supposedly in about a week of breaking boxes. Hopefully I'm wrong and he comes through though. Crap! I just remembered! I had a HUGE trade lined up with him that he agreed to and then when I told him he had to ship first he cancelled out of the blue!
At the time I thought it was because I had added an additional card to the deal.
I'm glad that the word got out before more of us were dooped. All-in-all this community has been wonderful an I thank you guys for that. It's a shame when someone has to come in and take advantage of the countless upstanding guys here.
Looks like you have joined the scammed by clementmatthew club with me. My cards arrived to him on the 26th. He marked his mailed on the 19th, that's a solid 15 days to get here. I know customs can hold things up but not that long for some baseball cards.
So you are #3 that I know of currently on the losing side of a trade with him all within the same short window of time.

Shoot me a PM and we can compare notes on him.
Sounds like a felony , get together with all the people that he took for cards and send information to Post-office and his local police.
I had a trade with him that we verbally agreed upon but he refused to send first. I thought that was fishy so I cancelled the trade. As a beckett users, we should instate a rule that if you have less than 25 feedback, you must send first. I've heard too many stories like this where the situation could have been avoided. I know sometimes the temptation of an exciting trade is too hard for us to pass up, but sometimes we need rules to protect us from ourselves.
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