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Full Version: latest pick-ups
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been getting some new stuff in lately and wanted to share.

Colin Kaepernick

[Image: 30EB28F0-71DF-4177-ADEA-955D1BE0F2DB_zpsckszmze1.jpg]

2013 Prime RG3

[Image: BFD9297A-6D70-4371-A60A-76A3A391D35C_zpsf88j6etd.jpg]

Couple of Keenan Allen's

[Image: 89D64B64-C912-4E46-93E7-10F2D53F784D_zpslunutqg1.jpg]

2013 Magic Marshawn Lynch SP

[Image: 3F5019E2-9B18-4DAC-8A95-4B715CEA9E58_zpsb8qm1rhj.jpg]

Supreme Russell Wilson /5

[Image: 5736B411-1FF4-470F-A9B6-C7422EDB0FDA_zpsuh8fdqbg.jpg]

Moniker Percy Harvin /10

[Image: 92E28D0F-2FCE-432A-B032-2105DD89B382_zpsmpbs6pu9.jpg]

2010 Bowman Sterling Sam Bradford 1/1

[Image: 5877A8FA-33E5-4C8B-8791-CBFB11A302A7_zpslj7yok5o.jpg]

2013 Archive RG3 auto (pop 2 grade)

[Image: 96346FC9-ACF6-4023-817A-0319132B1FFB_zpsh2jt1trv.jpg]

2012 Prestige Russell Wilson (love this grade)

[Image: 969046BA-F329-447A-80CA-9454C53790B1_zpsyiwrnxhk.jpg]

2013 Certified Richard Sherman /25

[Image: 93AAAFA2-B075-41FD-8AB0-30CACB9B9959_zpsdvhnmnf2.jpg]

A Wilson I thought that I had lost, but found..

[Image: F6F1F4CE-7452-4A36-8FE4-BF781B548902_zps9raq9ria.jpg]

Joe Montana Supreme /20

[Image: CC3E4F0B-91FA-4A59-9681-C4CBCA6B7A67_zps6njmabsb.jpg]

and then this beauty.

Gave up a good PC card to get it, but love this one.

2012 Playbook Russell Wilson Platinum /25

[Image: C317ADA1-A5FC-4FFD-A774-6B5A23EF30F2_zpsym52azkf.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Wow...awesome adds! Love the Wilsons especially!
Nice stuff!!! Really like that Montana and the Bradford
Wow one gem after another! Congrats on the additions!
Love that Prime RGIII, the uniform is saweeet!
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