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I made a few snips for visual aid for those having a tough time using the ORG. Seems the biggest issue is making your collection public and marking cards as Have, Trade Away, Trade For, Want to Buy, etc.

After loading your cards to a collection your ORG should look something like this

[Image: beckettsnip5_zpsd4319b23.png]

Now you need to mark your cards that you want to trade.
Click the LAYOUT button and a drop screen will appear. Click on TRADE

[Image: beckettsnip1_zps564d6849.png]

The columns will change and look something like this below. This is the screen you want to mark as to how many of each card you have available for trade.
If you have 1 available, put 1 on the circled column.

[Image: beckettsnip6_zps26274774.png]

Another important detail is making sure your collection is public and can be seen by others.
On the left side of the ORG make sure those little grey looking balls are clicked and turn blue. Now your cards can be seen by others and you are done.
[Image: beckettsnip4_zps87a83fe5.png]

Additional Options

To make life easier, the easiest way to do all this is to customize your ORG columns.

Click the layout button and select customized layout.
[Image: beckettsnip1_zps564d6849.png]

Click the Choose Columns button
[Image: beckettsnip2_zps042191f7.png]

And this little dropdown menu will pop up. Drag and arrange what columns you want to see and which you don't. This eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between views when adjusting your cards.
[Image: beckettsnip3_zpsfdcbacc0.png]

Hope this helps someone out.
Whoever did this is light years ahead of my computer capabilities.
Thanks for the tip! I actually missed several cards that should have Benn Marked trade away!
(09-18-2014 10:47 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]Whoever did this is light years ahead of my computer capabilities.

Lol you & me both. When I add cards to my organize I just click the option that says Trade Away unless it is PC cards then I will place them in the proper collection under Haves.
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