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Anyone interested in a blind trade?
A blind trade means you don't know what you're going to get, and neither does your trading partner.
All cards must be BASEBALL, and the trade must include the following:

* 1 slabbed card - with a minimum grade of NmMt+ (i.e. BGS 8.5)
* 1 card with a minimum $10 book value
* 1 card with a minimum $5 book value
* 1 Game-Used or Memorabilia Card
* 1 certified auto
* 1 refractor
* 1 card from the 1970's
* 1 card from the 1980's
* 1 card from the 1990's
* 5 cards of player's from your trading partner's favorite team
* 5 of any random cards from any year
* 1 Beater - rounded corners, who cares <--just for fun

All cards must be securely packaged together and be shipped with tracking.

Anyone game? Other ideas for inclusion?
I realize I'm new here, but seriously? People actually do this? Is there really a positive ending to any of these trades?
Why would there not be a positive ending? I'm confused.
I would be game but I don't do much graded. I only have a few graded 9 cards by GMA
(09-17-2014 09:06 PM)madhatter74 Wrote: [ -> ]Why would there not be a positive ending? I'm confused.

Somebody can put crap in a box and still meet your requirements. I think that's what he means.
Can't that happen in any blind trade? If it's done through C2C Exchange (but without putting the actual cards in - can be done via comments...) then you can leave negative feedback. Not a big deal, just trying to have some fun.

uc7bearcat: we could take out the slabbed criteria if you want to make a trade. Let me know.
(09-17-2014 09:06 PM)madhatter74 Wrote: [ -> ]Why would there not be a positive ending? I'm confused.

It would seem to me that when you enter a trade in which neither party knows what they are receiving you will have one of three outcomes. Either you.....
1.) You receive your cards and think, "What the heck, these are crap compared to what I sent."
2.) You receive your cards and think, "Holy cow, these are way nicer than what I was expecting. Man, now I have guilt for sending such inferior cards."
3.) You receive your cards and think, "wow, more cards that I have no desire to keep and will be putting up for trade. And it only cost me $3.00 in postage."

However, this being said. I don't have the collections that a lot of you guys have and just can't "blindly" trade my cards away. This obviously isn't for me and I couldn't see how it could be for others, but apparently it is. I'd be interested in hearing how the trades turn out if anybody participates.

Keep us posted.
I think most traders on here value their reputation as well as the connections they have made too much to load a box with crap.

With that being said I doubt anyone will be sending nor expecting a $50-$100 card. I will be willing to send some nice cards of Star / HOF type players that I enjoy having but won't miss too much. To me its just a way to get some new cards and build relationships online.

To me this is no different than the Christmas exchange that we did here 7-8 years ago when I was here and it was fun for most.

I am in like I said. If you want to remove the graded item I would be game, if not I have no problem picking something up either.

Do you want to maybe put a max BV on the lot to keep anyone from the "guilt" feeling?
Also maybe once a trade is agreed on, give like 5 days before mailing to allow for customizing as much as possible to make sure you can send a good package?
I'll take a nibble at the worm and play along. Have not done a blind trade in probably 20 years when I use to trade 800 count boxes team for team. You knew what team you were getting but pot luck on what the cards were in the box. That was also when postage was under $3 to ship a 800 ct box of cards.

I collect Yankees, , so if anyone wants to give it whirl I'm game.
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