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Had three packages come in today. Most of these are from a purchase I made from Yankeeempire (thanks again bud).

Gotta figure out what's going into PC and what will be available (last pic for sure going into PC), but let me know what you like if you see something you'd wanna trade for. Comments welcome too, cheers!

Start with some non-Yankees stuff...
[Image: mailday01.jpg]

The Yankees stuff begins...
[Image: mailday02.jpg]

A whole bunch of Pride of New York autos, these look so great!
[Image: mailday03.jpg]
[Image: mailday04.jpg]
[Image: mailday05.jpg]
[Image: mailday06.jpg]
[Image: mailday07.jpg]

The end of the set and a few other Yanks cards. The dual is PC, I just gotta get a DiMaggio cut to to with it so I've got the full '39 OF.
[Image: mailday08.jpg]

And the stuff heading straight to PC (the 4 relics look so great together and the others are headed for my HOF Auto PC)
[Image: mailday09.jpg]
Holy moly what an insane Mailday congrats on the pick ups. The mantle and Ruth are nasty!!!
Like a crack at the babe relic thanks
Sorry man, that's headed to PC with the other Yankee legends.

(09-17-2014 12:26 PM)once78 Wrote: [ -> ]Like a crack at the babe relic thanks
Very nice, I love the "Baseball Heroes" Tom Seaver
I could use one of the Whitey Ford autos.
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