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Full Version: New to online trading
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Hey people, I'm new to online trading and horrible with any sort of technology. If anyone happens to check out my profile, would you give me a heads up if my photo bucket is up and running? And if it isn't, possibly tell me how to get that connected? Sorry for my lack of computer skills, but, I do have some really nice stuff. Thank you.
No it isn't working you have to put your card in your organize and then mark them for trade
Welcome to the site. If you never traded online before you are going to be hooked once you get your first couple down. Its a great community here and we have some great members. I look forward to working with you once you get everything up and running.

I seen you collect Stanton I have a few things you might be interested in.

2010 Topps Chrome Autograph RC and a ton of lower end base rookies

BTW I checked your photobucket link, but it went me to mine. Sorry I cant help more but im a retard when it comes to computers myself
Thanks for the reply, I'm just seeing now that I have to have my cards listed in organize? I'm trying to accomplish that... not going to well. I do everything from my phone. Any way, my photo bucket is hofcollector1234.
Hey, thanks for the help yesterday guys. I've got a few items in my organize, and I'll be adding alot more. Trying to figure out how to upload pics or get my photo bucket connected.
I just clicked your photobucket link and it worked fine. VERY nice stuff for sure.
Thank you sir. Just a heads up guys, you have to pm me for offers. They aren't going through on my email.
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