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Full Version: INCREDIBLE FIND!!!
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I'm sure some of you are familiar with the 1985 Donruss Baseball Box Panel cards. They had Gooden, Sandberg, Kittle and the Lou Gehrig Puzzle Cards. These are extremely rare to find in any kind of decent condition. I bought a collection over the weekend from a guy who had a shop in the 90's. Going through it I fould this stack of Dwight Gooden Box Panel Rookies...79 of them to be exact. It looks like they were cut back in the day with a very sharp cutter because they are all incredibly centered, and the corners are great. The box also had the same amount of the Kittle, Sandbergs and Gehrig puzzles cards.
Wow. Those are a great find. The condition looks amazing too
Yah, theres an BGS 8.5 on the bay listed for $120 or so. I'd say these would grade very well.
Ok why does he look different in the pics on the bottom row? Did they use different pics?
Congrats....don't flood the market...LOL. Very nice looking. Good luck with getting them graded if you go that route.
Nah, I examined them pretty good after you said that...its just my scanner lol. I had to shrink the picture a little.
I was thinking of putting a decent BIN on the whole lot for someone to grade since I don't really have the extra income to do it myself lol
I would love to get them graded, unfortunately I just dont have the funds to do so. It would certainly make them more valuable.
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