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Full Version: Every card is $2.00
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Shipping is $3.00 regardless of quantity purchased

Claim in thread

Or take the whole lot for [COLOR="Red"]$90 dlvd[/COLOR]

[Image: Image20_zps06b00141.jpg]

[Image: Image22_zpse9b734d9.jpg]

[Image: Image24_zps4ed82f85.jpg]

[Image: Image25_zps5d7c4ac2.jpg]

[Image: Image26_zps110140a4.jpg]

[Image: Image21_zps6570ef73.jpg]

[Image: Image23_zps50f46017.jpg]

Aaron, jones, Gwynn, Mattingly, Henderson, Brett, Pujols, and the triple auto are SOLD
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