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Thought I would post a few images and see if I can get a few more trades started:
Topp wants:
Josh Harrison auto
Mike Trout auto
HOF autos
Current Star autos
Bowman Platinum Prospect set needs from 2012, 2013, 2014 sets
Anything that catches my eye
[Image: 083014trade5001.jpg]
[Image: 83014trade4001.jpg]
[Image: 83014trade3001.jpg]
[Image: 83014trade2001.jpg]
[Image: 83014trade1001.jpg]
[Image: 2014toppschrome001.jpg]
Lots more in my organize if you are looking for other stuff.
I really like the Polanco auto.
Sent an open offer for Cobb
(08-30-2014 04:20 PM)wordsense Wrote: [ -> ]I really like the Polanco auto.

didn't see anything for Polanco right now.
(08-30-2014 04:25 PM)pschilling0001 Wrote: [ -> ]Sent an open offer for Cobb

like the choice
check me for the polanco
all messages and offers replied to. Working on school work today, and will be out visiting my parents, but will check back this afternoon sometime.
all offers replied to. One deal down several in the works. Thanks for the trade offers.
The following cards are gone in trades: Puig '72 refractor, Nelson Cruz auto, Mookie Betts green. Have an issue with photobucket saying I have no photos in there now so I can't edit photos.
Die cut Martinez is now gone also. Don't know whats up with photobucket I lost all my scans that were in there except one.
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