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As some of you may know, I mainly collect autos, so I'm looking to move some of this nice non-auto'd stuff for autos. I'll even trade in your favor for nice stuff, despite the fact that some of these guys are the hottest in the hobby. Lemme know what you like, or send me an open offer as there's plenty more good non-auto'd stuff in my org. Cheers!

[Image: nonau1.jpg]
[Image: nonau2.jpg]
[Image: nonau3.jpg]
[Image: nonau4.jpg]
[Image: nonau5.jpg]
[Image: nonau6.jpg]
[Image: nonau7.jpg]
I'll get an offer over to you in a few min. I'm definitely interested in the Trouts.
Bump it up
Sent offer.. thanks
id have interest in your cardinals depending what you were looking for on them
I could use the Machado Jumbo if I have anything for you.
Open offer sent.
Awesome Puckett!
Buxton green and polanco black ref. How much and what are they numbered to?
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