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Hi All,

I purchased a card that appears to be trimmed. Ive always believed to the correct specs…2.5" x 3.5" This card has 2 edges that meet specs and two other edges that are slightly shorter.

Are the correct dimensions for the 93 sp foil series 2.5 x3.5 inches?
Is it possible for the angle of the corners to not be 90 degrees from factory?

All info will be so helpful. thanks!!

Joe Ward
Ive attached a photo showing the jeter foil in question.

I scanned the foil in front of a raw reviewed 93 topps jeter.
as you can see the lines of the card aren't consistent with the lines of the graded card.

The right edge tails in. Is it possible this is factory done? or is it altered? thanks again!!
Heres one more pic. I lined up the two top right corners.

Then I lined the two top edges. I left a tiny bit of white at the top to show I haven't gone above the top edge of the card below.

The right edge clearly cuts in. What does this suggest?

Thanks again. Hoping for any info.
Just looking at the scans and if the penny sleeve is supposed to be a snug fit than yes it looks trimmed to me, but if they used a gu penny sleeve then you would have the extra room like the scan shows.
But to answer your question on the dimensions it should be the same size as a regular card today.
Your best bet is to get a base 1993 SP card and line it up with the Jeter card and see if there is a difference.
unfortunately, i don't have one to measure up.
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