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I have 2 Kris Bryant panini USA autos and I've been kicking around the idea of trading one of them. The thing about trading it is, its safe to say Beckett is pretty off on the bv. We all know how this guys stuff is selling and the bv should probably be around 4x what it is currently. I'd like to get a Jose abreu auto or mike trout auto (lower end is ok) but open to something pretty nice. I don't have it listed but I will once a deal is figured out.
[Image: IMG_20131217_112452_879_zpshatxk8e_edit_...6j9saj.jpg]

And for some stupid reason I can't figure out why my photo bucket link isn't working. I'll keep trying.
Here we go.

[Image: output_zpsrtkqipbg.jpg]
That's a beautiful card. I'd be willing if I had an extra Trout auto but unfortunately I don't. I hope you are able to get what you are looking for!
See if I have anything you like. I'd definitely trade over bv.
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