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need around about 30-50 baseball game used cards. im fairly specific about what im looking for:

values in the 8-12 range. a few lower or higher is fine
dont want a ton of prospects/futures/usa stuff
newer cards (2010 and up) are better than older, though i love stuff from 1999-2001
dont need superstars, but dont want absolute scrubs

price paid will be determined by players and value, but somewhere around 1-1.50/card

full disclosure: i am buying to re-sell, so i can raise money for the jimmy fund and dana farber for cancer care and cancer research
I probably have exactly what you need. I will create a list and scan them when I get home today. I will send you a pm when it's done.
feel free to check me if u like. thanks
check me i am looking to downsize my autos and mem cards
im going to take these in the order they came
sent you a pm
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